Swimming Pond Design & Build in Essex and London

With over 10 years’ experience, as part of our continued expansion, Essex Aquatics now offer full swimming pond design and construction throughout Essex and London. Through having a natural swimming pond, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular beauty of your own back garden in a new natural swimming way.

A swimming pond allows you to reconnect to nature in the most natural way, while also maintaining a balanced eco-system. Imagine waking up on a summer’s day and swimming in crystal clear tranquil water. We at Essex Aquatics feel there is nothing more surreal or beautiful than bathing in a natural swimming pool surrounded by colourful aquatic plants and dragonflies darting amongst the reeds, it really is a harmony of natural surroundings.

Another benefiting factor to a swimming pool is with the days of being conscious about the planet, unlike traditional swimming pools, this combination of a swimming pool and a natural swimming pond is not only a wildlife attraction, but it is also creating a chemical free environment offering a go green alternative to the conventional chemical dependent pool. Using nature’s process to purify the water can also mean maintenance is minimal leaving you, your family and friends to swim, relax and enjoy the experience that nature brings with it.

Let us connect you to Nature Through a Natural Place to Swim

Swimming Pond & Design in Essex and London
Swimming Pond Design & Build in Essex and London

We used our experience in building all kinds of swimming ponds and converting swimming pools combined with our knowledge of construction techniques and biological filtration to build the very best swimming ponds for you. Here at Essex Aquatics, we support you every step of the way from swimming pond design and build. Our natural swimming ponds have three main actions, which are the design, construction and management, allowing for a successful completion of a new natural swimming pond.

We offer a swimming pond design and build for every step of the way, from:

  • Starting with a telephone consultation to discuss your vision and plans. To finding out access, current stage of research, and budget
  • Throughout Essex and London, we will then carry out an initial site visit to ascertain your requirements
  • Provide a full quotation of the swimming pond construction
  • Carry out landscaping of the surrounding areas as part of the project, such as paving around the swimming pond to give a clean more contemporary finish should you require
  • Build your natural swimming pond, transforming your vision to life
  • Implement a full planting service
  • Build diving pontoons, jetties, decked areas over hanging the natural swimming pond
  • Swimming pond cleaning and ongoing maintenance
  • Repairs or correcting of any issues both structural and ecological

Here at Essex Aquatics as well as the design and build of natural swimming pools, we are also able to convert traditional swimming pools or ponds into a natural swimming pond.

So, what is a Swimming Pond and Why Build One?

A swimming pond is a natural place to swim and are kept clean by a combination of plants and micro-organisms including beneficial bacteria, and we know at Essex Aquatics once you have swum in natural water you and your family will develop a love for it, becoming fascinated by the wildlife that congregates around the planted area. Even when you are not having a dip in the pool, we know you will be sat enjoying your garden pool with a morning cup of tea, absorbing the peace and contemplating the world.

Swimming ponds are nature’s answer to swimming with clean, clear water that is with no toxic chemicals. Natural swimming ponds provide all of the health advantages of swimming and being close to the water without the unnatural chemicals and products of a normal swimming pool. Some of the health benefits include helping circulation and general cardiovascular well-being, dementia and muscles.

As well as the health benefits a natural swimming pond can bring, they also are beautiful eco-systems attracting wildlife into your garden such as dragonflies and birdlife, while also allowing you to have an abundance of aquatic plant life that is naturally filtering your water, reconnecting you with nature. Swimming pond designs bring a softer landscape, meaning the swimming ponds blend more effectively into your garden without the unsightly concrete on show, unlike a traditional swimming pool. We can use plants, shingles, gravel alongside boulders and larger rocks for a real natural finish.

It can also help the next generation appreciate and understand the importance of the environment and biodiversity. We know Children will spend hours fascinated by the huge array of life which the water supports. They will enjoy learning about the ecology of nature while having fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of beneficial factors to having a natural swimming pond instead of a standard swimming pool and these can include the following:

  1. Natural swimming ponds provide huge benefits to the world and nature around us
  2. Natural swimming ponds provide health benefits to us
  3. They require a very small amount of maintenance and lower the cost of bills that usually are associated with standard swimming pools
  4. You don’t have to continuously clean filters or dose the water with chlorine. Natural swimming ponds really are like swimming in bottled mineral water!
  5. Use a fraction of the electricity of traditional pools
  6. Incredibly popular, with potentially raising the value of your property

A normal swimming pool uses chemicals to kill micro-organisms in the water such as algae, however, this isn’t necessary in a natural pool where the cleaning work is carried out by micro-organisms that exist together in equilibrium. A natural swimming pond uses the purifying properties of plants and micro-organisms to sustain clean and clear.

Compared to a standard swimming pool a swimming pond needs much less maintenance as there are no filters or pumps to be cleaned as well as no requirement of chemicals to be added.

Natural swimming ponds do require some maintenance but nature itself will carry out most of the cleaning for you. All you may be required to do is ensure the pond receives some attention on a regular basis such as removing the leaves so a build-up doesn’t happen. Removing leaves will help to keep the water’s nutrient levels low. However, we can guarantee the water to be completely clear all the time.

Here at Essex Aquatics, we understand you may maintain your pond yourselves. However, we also have offered a maintenance service which can be as often or infrequent as you need.  We generally recommend that maintenance is carried on a monthly basis with a deep clean out at least once a year to check on the pond’s development.

The answer is yes, and this can be achieved quite easily. We have done a few of this style swimming pond (projects to be shared soon) by using the existing infrastructure of the swimming pool. Another beneficial factor to this style is the cost of such a conversion can be less than a new build swimming pond.

In most cases, an existing pond can be converted, but this is something that can be discussed during a site visit.

100% not. By having a natural swimming pond, it truly is connecting you to the beauty of nature. Swimming ponds are balanced with nature of plants and microscopic life to maintain clear and purified water.

During the design stage of your swimming pond, we can support you choosing a selection of accessories that will intertwin with the natural beauty a swimming pond brings. We can build diving pontoons, jetties, or decked areas to overhang the natural swimming pond. Also, we can add outdoor lighting which can be very effective.