Professional Pond Builders in Essex and London

Bring tranquillity and nature into your garden through the sound of water, creating a place of relaxation for you and the family.

With over 10 years’ experience, Essex Aquatics are renowned Pond Builders in Essex and London, holding a vast amount of experience and knowledge in Pond Building and Pond Construction.

Our pond building process is a one-stop shop from the pond design, build and maintenance. We are here to support you every step of the way, bringing your concept to life.

Whether you are a koi carp fanatic and love the essence and relaxation they bring, wanting to reconnect with mother nature through the sound of water, or are recreating a childhood dream of having a pond, we can bring your vision to life through our pond construction services.

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We are pond builders in the heart of Essex, covering major towns such as Billericay, Braintree, Brentwood, Burnham, Chelmsford, Chigwell, Colchester, Epping, Harlow, Hockley, Loughton, Rayleigh, Southend on Sea, Wickford, North London, East London, South Suffolk and North Kent and surrounding areas. 

Essex Aquatics are pond builders holding BSc (Hons) in fish farming and management so, you can be sure to know you are in trusted hands when it comes to your pond construction. We are also firestone and rubber lining approved contractors, as well as a registered dealer for Oase, meaning we can inspect, advise and supply pumps and filters to match your pond design. Contact us today to see how we can support you in your pond construction.

Pond Reline Essex Aquatics

Small Formal Garden Ponds

Transform your back garden and landscape in to a place of tranquillity with a small formal garden pond. Bring tranquillity and nature into your garden through the sound of water, creating a place of relaxation for you and the family.

As pond builders, we do it all, from the initial design through to the build and maintenance. Essex Aquatic will come and inspect your landscape to see where a small formal garden pond would be best suited so you can enjoy the serenity of water all year round.

Small formal garden pond designs are generated to bring in the essence of nature and wildlife meaning these pond designs usually incorporate usual pond building techniques alongside other hard landscaping methods such as paving, walling and sometimes even decking.

During the pond design stages, we usually recommend lining these ponds so that we can fit them to any shape and size. Also once understanding your vision on what you are after we can carry out a full planting plan, both terrestrial and aquatic to complement the pond, while other options and addons can include lighting, waterfalls, bridges, fountains, bog gardens and paths. We can also install filtration which can vary from a traditional box filter, a partly submerged pressure filter to a bespoke gravel filter, all in which can be discussed in the design stage.

Pond Cleaning in Essex and London

Wildlife Ponds

Wildlife ponds connecting you to nature and allowing an eco-system of care for nature. A wildlife pond is the perfect natural pond allowing you to attract new wildlife to the garden.

Transform your garden into a paradise for nature that will attract all kinds of stunning wildlife to your home. And in today’s world there has never been a better time to introduce a wildlife pond into your garden. Wildlife ponds are specially designed to attract a variety of different wildlife, maximise plant growth and sustain a valuable ecosystem with your garden for you to enjoy, but also by building a wildlife pond, you won’t just be adding a beautiful feature to your garden, you’ll be providing a home for the creatures who soon may not have one.

When building a wildlife pond, we will support you from start to finish, helping you to capture the design that will create an eco-system of nature, through to the pond construction and aftercare maintenance. Here at Essex Aquatics, we often construct these ponds, so they are as easy to maintain as possible, using rocks/gravel with a variety of plants to create a healthy balanced eco-system.

Ponds play a vital part in our ecosystem – they support two-thirds of all freshwater species.  

Pond Builders for Large Ponds/Estate Ponds

Essex Aquatics are experienced pond builders situated in Chelmsford, Essex, and carry out pond construction for the public and commercial sector throughout Essex and London.  We specialise and build large ornamental lakes and ponds for various sectors and landmarks throughout Essex and London, from working with the council, local schools, business units, to estates, parks, golf courses, and private properties.

So, whether you are looking for a Lake for the Sports and Leisure industry or Commercial or domestic purposes, we have the right expertise and equipment to sculpture your land, working in harmony with the environment. Our job is to support you with the project from start to finish, including:

  • Careful site preparation
  • Plan and design
  • Lake construction to include either clay lined ponds or using specialist geotextiles and lake liners, all materials are discussed at planning stage to ensure longevity of each project
  • Full aquatic planting to continue maintaining a balanced eco-system. With our knowledge of aquatic plants, we can guarantee colours and full plants all year round
  • Installation of aeration pumps if required
  • Installation of decorative fountains if required
Waterfall Rebuild, Essex Aquatics


Enjoy the tranquillity and soothing sound of water. We at Essex Aquatics feel there is nothing more pleasing and captivating than seeing water cascading into a pond. Whether it is gently flowing down a stream or tumbling over rocks, water holds a fascination, bringing a calming melody of relaxation.

When it comes to pond building, the great thing with a waterfall is they can be built in at the same time as the rest of the pond or we can build them onto existing ponds. They also make a great addition to any pond both small and large and are great feature that are not only low maintenance but also enhance and complement the existing attributes of a pond or lake. They also serve a practical function by aerating and oxygenating the water, bringing balance back into nature.

We also offer a pondless waterfall option, having all the benefits listed above without the necessary maintenance of a pond. The water simply falls into a hidden reservoir at the bottom of the pondless waterfall and recirculates around. A pondless waterfall can be a simple small 3-4-foot-long stream or could be a much larger pondless waterfall and span 30-40 feet or perhaps even more! They work well to blend in elevation changes in a garden or we can create that necessary elevation to build your pondless waterfall.

Here at Essex Aquatics, we are experience in brining your vision to life so we can support you in finding the right feature to match your current landscape so contact us today to discuss your options further or click here to gain some ideas on how you can transform your landscape with a waterfall.

Frequently Asked Questions

When building a small garden pond, here at Essex Aquatics we recommend no less then 60cm, as this allows you to have plants and fish within.

Many small garden ponds don’t require a pump or filter because we usually create them with natural filtration from rocks on ledges.

Waterfalls are another excellent way of bringing needed movement and gas exchange. Waterfalls enhance and complement the existing attributes of a pond or lake while also serving a practical function by aerating and oxygenating the water, brining balance back into nature.

Yes, we go up to mid Suffolk and we have also been to Maidstone (Kent).