Fishery Consultants and Management

Essex Aquatics are top Fishery Consultants in the UK and Europe offer a full range of fishery management and fishery consultancy, fully experienced working for some of the most prestigious fisheries in the UK both still and running waters. All our work falls within the new EC Water Framework Directive WFD and other legislations, we always promote a good “green” working practice with our fishery management and fishery consultancy techniques.

We also deal with:

Lake Construction | Stocking and Stock Management | Siltex | Erosion Control | Algae and Vegetation Management

We advise with lake management and river management no matter how large or small the water body or the problem.

We work on a wide range of recreational fishery types including:

Self Sustaining Salmonid Fisheries; these exist in either rivers or lakes with anglers fishing for naturally reproducing salmonid species (Salmon, Trout, Grayling)

Stocked Salmonid Fisheries; these again exist in either rivers or lakes but with purposeful stocking of Salmonid species, great care needs to taken when doing this as it can have a huge ecological impact!

Self Sustaining Coarse Fisheries; River or Lake fisheries with a naturally occuring and controlling wild stock of fish. Normally exploit catch and release tactics to ensure ongoing survival of stocks

Stocked Coarse Fisheries; Most Fisheries in the UK fall into this category and are growing with popularity.If properly managed and planned these fisheries can be highly successful both financially and ecologically.

We work with a variety of different organisations including fishing clubs, local councils, land owners, businesses such as golf clubs & hotels. We carry out site visits and can provide you with a detailed report which includes a full evaluation and assessment of the state of your fishery or lake.

We also have a vast practical experience and carry out a range of projects and work on most aquatic environments some of which are listed on this website. We also provide a wide range of equipment such as aerators, plants, fish and other consumables. If anything you require is not listed please do not hesitate to contact us.

A Brief Summary of What We Do

  • Design, Build, Construct Fisheries, Lakes
  • Peg creation/restoration
  • Stocking/Stock Management inc. netting and electro-fishing
  • Water Quality Management inc. aeration, pollution, siltation
  • Habitat Restoration and Enhancement
  • Algae and Vegetation Management inc. tree management
  • River Management inc. erosion, channel narrowing
  • Bankside Revetment
  • Pest and Predator Control
  • Appling and Suppling Siltex click here for more details (link)
  • Design and Build Fish Farms