Algae and Vegetation Management

Algae Control

Algae both unicellular and filamentous are important part of an aquatic systems and in small numbers can be a sign of good health for a water. Providing food and refuge for invertebrates as well as helping reduce levels of pollution and any phosphates in the water. However there are times when algae blooms can be devastating and take over the water body. Resulting in reduction of aquatic plants and invertebrates the first steps towards eutrophication and in some severe cases fish mortality due to diurnal oxygen demand by the algae.

Then it becomes necessary to control the algae using a variety of methods. These methods vary durastically with the situation and the water body in question. Here at Essex Aquatics we know how to deal with these and treat every case seperately and can provide solutions.

Vegetation Aquatic Weed Management

Plants and ‘Weeds’ are a healthy part of the ecosystem in a fishery or lake.

However it is necessary to regularly cut back and control plants to improve access and improve habitats for fish and other aquatic life and before they become invasive and start to overrun a fishery or water body.

Generally there are 3 methods to deal with aquatic weed and their control:
1. Cutting
2. Application of Herbicides
3. Biological Control

Bankside Vegetation and Tree Management

Bankside vegetation needs to be managed in such a way that it provides access to the bankside but at the same time doesn’t allow it to be exposed, risking aquatic life and erosion.

Tree’s are of benefit providing cover, shade, refuge for wildlife. however too dense a tree cover leads to some negative effects so correct management is necessary to enable their control without having any negative effects.

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